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About Green Guy Kai

GGK (GreenGuyKai), known also as “The One-Armed Bandit”, is a 24-year-old rapper/Singer-songwriter, originally from East London, who spent his teenage years in a remote village in Staffordshire, before moving to Manchester to Pursue his dreams in music and psychology. His name is representative of his love for all things green and, as well as being a proud vegan, environmentalist, mental health |& pro-cannabis advocate, GGK studies the psychopharmacology of plants in his spare time while also completing his degree in Psychology.


GGK’s music captures fundamental parts of his life, such as a motorbike crash that he was involved in back in 2015 that caused him to suffer lifelong disabilities & trauma. These varying from less tangible issues, such as PTSD & depression, to more physical disabilities, such as walking with a walking stick or a fully paralyzed left arm that he keeps in his left pocket (hence the name “The One-Armed Bandit”).

Additionally, GGK Has been temporarily paralyzed from the neck down and has had to endure walking rehabilitation twice after complications with two invasive spinal operations that rendered his legs useless (hence the use of a walking aid).

Although heavily influenced by Grime and hip-hop, GGK is by no means restricted to these genres as his music varies from chilled conscious rap to upbeat heavy headbangers, giving us an insight into the diverse and unpredictable world that surrounds him.



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